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The Aurora Behavior Clinic team is ready to help your child succeed.

What We Offer:

  • 1:1 ABA Therapy
  • 1:1 Speech Therapy
  • 1:1 Occupational Therapy
  • Group ABA sessions
  • Caregiver support and trainings
  • Adaptive living skills
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Evidence-based practices for individuals
  • Functional communication skills

Specialty Programs

Spring Social Skills

May 6, 2024 – June 27, 2024

5:00-6:00pm (All Groups)
Group A: 3-6 years (Tue)
Group B: 7-12 years (Mon & Wed)
Group C: 13-17 years (Thu)


Aurora Behavior Clinic welcomes children ages 3 to 18 to join the clinic’s 8-week Social Skills Group Therapy classes!
Each class is facilitated by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and each social skills topic is taught using Applied Behavior Analysis therapy techniques and learning principles.
For more info contact:
Deadline to Register: March 22, 2024 (or when class is full)

Caregiver Support Group


This group is led by a BCBA and offers caregivers the opportunities to collaborate with other caregivers throughout the community for support and resources. The group provides valuable applied behavior analysis information for caregivers and allows them to share information, insights, and experiences, creating lasting friendships with other parents who are going through the same things as them.

Follows the above social skills cycle – meets once per week

One face – to – face meeting the first Monday of each month followed by 3 virtual meetings each week

For info contact: or

Play and Say

What is Play and Say?

ABC welcomes individuals from ages 0-5 to join the clinic’s 6-week Play and Say group classes! Each class is co-led by a certified Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Classes focus on the importance of play, language, and sensory development alongside a caregiver.

When and where are classes held?

Classes will take place according to availability in the ALLY building located at The Arc of Loudoun!

Contact or to register or if you have any questions.


ABC Wellness Program

Program Collaboration with Ability Fitness and Aurora Behavior Clinic


Our Purpose

Our main goal is to increase an individual’s independent ability to participate in exercise related goals by shaping behaviors. We will use ABA related principles and intervention

procedures to reach larger exercise related goals.

By collaboration amongst different professionals- OT, PT, and ABA, our clients are set up for success by an amplitude amount of support and feedback.

What is Included?

1-hour session provided by a behavior technician from the Aurora Behavior Clinic designed to implement ABA strategies to shape exercise-based behaviors.

Collaboration with PT, OT, and ABA professionals to ensure clients individualized specific needs are supported during their session.

Individualized treatment plans specific to client needs.

For info contact:


Feeding Therapy at ABC!

What is feeding therapy?

Feeding Therapy Group, co-led by our Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist. 

What time is the group offered?

The Feeding Group will take place according to availability. 

What are the options?

There are 3 different options. These are listed below:

1. Direct Services

2. Caregiver Training

2a. Caregiver Training + Consultations

For more information contact:

Jackie Favale, SLP ( or Aubrey Huntsman, OT ( or Michelle Weddle, OT (

Ready to apply? Click below to learn how.