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“To say that receiving services from The Aurora Behavior Clinic (ABC) has been life changing for not only our neurodivergent son, Henry, but for every member of our family would be a massive understatement. The positive improvements we’ve seen at home as a direct result of Henry’s 1:1 ABA therapy, speech therapy, and small group therapy have been incredible to experience. When Henry began services at the ABC he was nonverbal and had extreme difficulty following directions. Every clinician we’ve come to know at the ABC is professional and personable, caring and competent. His lead BCBA, Jennifer, and her team of ABA therapists, along with his SLP Jaclyn have proven to be extremely skillful at developing and implementing an individualized treatment plan tailored to the needs of both Henry and our family. They’ve also each gone out of their way to really get to know Henry and work tirelessly to encourage him to excel.

The low turnover rate and consistency at the Clinic has allowed Henry to flourish. In the 2+ years he’s been a client Henry’s team has developed several ways for him to effectively communicate and make his needs known, while also focusing on compliance in following directions and carrying out tasks to completion. The ongoing support and parent trainings we’ve received have allowed our family to more confidently manage challenging behaviors and redirect Henry towards making better choices. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude to each and every individual at the ABC who has contributed to Henry’s ongoing progress, been there for our family when we’ve needed guidance, and have cheered for Henry as milestones have been met and obstacles overcome. The ABC is staffed by exceptional individuals who truly love what they do and pour their hearts into caring for their clients. We so thankful to have them on our team!”

— The Buchbauer Family

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“When we came to the Aurora Behavior Clinic two years ago, we were desperately seeking help from our daughter. Coco would literally spend 7-10 hours a day screaming and crying hysterically with periods of aggression including hitting, pinching, biting, and pulling hair. We were exhausted, feeling hopeless and alone in this journey and struggling to find help. Within a few months the screaming began to minimize, and Coco began to start showing us signs of awareness beyond the aggression. The staff at Aurora recognized that Coco was upset & frustrated because she couldn’t communicate simple wants and needs and slowly helped us unravel that and build a foundation with Coco. There’s been no magic wand but hard work, repetition, training of parents, siblings, and caretakers from ABC staff. Life is completely different two years later. Coco can communicate her needs such as when she’s hungry, needs to go to the restroom, when she’s tired. She can express preference for toys and music. Coco laughs and jokes with us and her face lights up every time we pull into the driveway at Aurora. She was trapped for so long and the staff at ABC helped unlock communication for us and now Coco is thriving! The days of screaming all day are a distant memory and Coco happily interacts with her siblings and communicates with those around her. We’re incredibly grateful for our time at ABC and the amazing staff that has given us hope and a much better quality of life. The fact is, we are not alone, Coco is not alone, we have a team and hope that Coco can be productive and happy which is what we all deserve.”

— Coco’s Family

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“I am really impressed that Mia would have liked the class so much that she would opt to go back again when the opportunity arises, that really says something about its quality (it is hard to get her out of the house for almost anything). We are very much interested in the next class so she can continue to work on her social skills, and we would love to hear if you have any other suggestions for programs that might benefit her as she grows up through her teenage years.”

— Jason Guthrie

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